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Ground-Driven Endgate Seeder
We use an old ground-driven endgate seeder to broadcast seed onto the ground. We mounted a 40-bu. wagon box on an old car axle and a V-shaped metal frame. We also bolted a big sprocket to one of the wagon’s wheel rims to power the seeder. The seeder is attached to a wooden board that fits into slots on both sides of the wagon.
  We use it to plant small patches of wheat that serve as buffer areas near seed corn fields. We broadcast the seed on top of the ground, then disk or harrow lightly to incorporate the seed into the ground. The seeder has 2 hoppers – one for small grains and the other for grass seed – so if we wanted we could broadcast small grains and grass seed at the same time. (Rex Gogerty, 33475 K. Ave., Hubbard, Iowa 50122, ph 641 487-7617; rexgogerty@netins.net)

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