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Custom-Made Grinding Jig For Deere 2020
Vince Osburn’s homemade grinding tool lets him get inside the differential housing on a Deere 2020 tractor to guide a grinding wheel to resurface the brake contact area. Adding a second plate and spacers make the tool perfect for resurfacing brake pistons, too.
  “I don’t know what it would’ve cost to get the housing surface area refinished or replaced,” says Osburn. “I don’t even know where I would go to have it done.”
  The grinding tool was designed specifically to fit inside the differential housing of Osburn’s 2020 Deere. He suggests that it could easily be modified for any size cavity that needed to be resurfaced.
  The tool has an arbor made from a #8 bolt drilled out to hold a standard 4 1/2-in. grinding wheel mounted on a 1/2-in. drill. It also has a steel plate sized to fit the housing and three roller guides fashioned from window cord pulleys. The guides keep the grinding wheel in position while allowing it to move around inside the housing.
  Osburn’s homemade arbor is reinforced with a 5/8-in. bolt that’s locked tight to the plate with a double set of nuts. At the drill, the bolt is welded to a clamp. Osburn fabricated the clamp from two pieces of pipe cut in half lengthwise and bolted together over the drill drive barrel.
  “I didn’t know what the perfect placement would be, so I slotted the holes for the roller guides,” says Osburn. “They can move about an inch as needed. With the bolt reinforcement, there’s very little flex or bend. It’s very rigid. I just ground a little at a time, rotating the plate to get a decent finish all the way round.”
  Once the brake contact area was resurfaced to his satisfaction, Osburn modified the tool to work on the brake piston. He added a second steel plate, larger than the first, so it could be clamped to a work surface.
  “I replaced the bearings with 3 bolts to serve as spacers between the original plate and a second plate,” he explains. “The roller guides were remounted on the upper side of the second plate to keep the brake piston in place, yet let it rotate.”
  With his resurfacing finished, Osburn has no more need for his tool and has offered it on eBay for $75. Interested readers can find it under John Deere Brake Resurfacing Tool, listing #230864203226. He can also be reached at home with questions.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vince Osburn, 8436 Prospect St., Mojave, Calif. 93501 (ph 818 371-5377; flyby41@earthlink.net).

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