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Old Furnace Blower Makes Great "Shop Fan"
When Galen Reichart replaced a 30-year-old forced air heating system in his house, he removed the squirrel cage fan from the furnace blower and converted it into a shop fan that runs off any 110-volt outlet.
  “It works as well as any commercial fan, and I spent almost nothing to make the conversion,” says Reichart. “I live in town and use the fan in my basement shop. I also use it every summer when we hold our Lions Club bingo stand at the local fairgrounds. The weather is usually real hot, and I use the fan to blow air through the area where we’re working. It moves a lot of air.”
  The squirrel cage fan came with a small 2-speed electric motor on one side and was open on the other “intake” side. He stripped away any extra metal and added a steel rod axle and a pair of 6-in. plastic wheels on the back side of the fan housing. He bent some conduit pipe to form a handle and screwed it onto the fan housing just above the wheels. For safety, he used a lid off a 16-qt. porcelain canning pot to block the open side of the fan. He also clipped a plastic dish rack on front.
  He attached a 3-ft. long power cord to the fan’s wiring box that plugs into a longer extension cord. “I wanted to run the fan at low speed only, so an electrician showed me how to do that. He also told me which wires to hook up to the power cord and which connections to tape up,” says Reichart.
  “The fan was very dirty and the fins were coated with caked-on dust, so I used an air hose and scrub brushes to clean everything off,” he notes.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Galen E. Reichart, 911 Frazier St., Valley Falls, Kan. 66088 (ph 785 945-3580).

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