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Gas Line Turbine Generates "Free" Electricity
If you have a natural gas well on your property, it could be used to provide all your electricity thanks to the new GeoVolt turbine.
  Designed to run on lower volume gas flow, distributor Jill Vinecourt says the GeoVolt can also be powered by artesian wells, steam vents and even water flow from a municipal water tower.
  “It needs only around 100 psi and about 200 cfm of volume to produce 10,000 kW of electricity per month,” says Vinecourt. “We have more than 70,000 natural gas wells in Ohio alone that could be producing electricity.”
  The GeoVolt was designed and is manufactured by Kenneth Jackson, Holmes County, Ohio. It’s capable of producing up to 18,000 kW per month, running gas through a turbine to produce electricity before returning it to the gas line. “The turbine draws only about 10 percent of the pressure,” she says. “Natural gas entering the turbine at 100 psi would return to the line at 90 psi.”
  While field testing is being completed, the unit is priced at $25,000. Once testing is completed, Vinecourt estimates the price will increase to $49,000. A smaller unit with a 10,000 kW per month output is under development and expected to be priced at $25,000.
  “GeoVolt generators qualify for renewable energy tax credits and can be depreciated in a year if used for a farm or business,” says Vinecourt. “We estimate a 3-year payback with energy production and tax credits.”
  Vinecourt explains that natural gas comes out of wells under its own pressure and goes into gas lines to a compressor station.
  She suggests people with natural gas wells on their property negotiate placement of a GeoVolt with the gas company. If new wells are proposed, negotiation can take place up front. In some cases, she says, landowners own the gas wells outright.
  “Units aren’t difficult to install,” says Vinecourt. “They go on a cement pad like an air conditioning unit and are hardwired to a power line. The feeder pipe goes from the gas line to the GeoVolt and back to the gas line.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vinecourt Landscaping &
Gas Line Service, Inc., P.O. Box 71, Burton, Ohio 44021 (ph 440 834-0573; www.vinecourtohio.com).

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