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Diesel-Powered Pickups
“They’re capable of producing fuel savings of as much as 20 to 25% over comparable size gasoline engines,” says GMC of its new diesel-powered pickups for 1978.
  The new GM V8 diesel engine, which develops approximately 120 net hp at a relatively high 3600 rpm is being offered in half ton (C10) two-wheel drive, two-door Fleetside and Stepside pickups for 1978.
  In addition to fuel economy, the new diesel engine offers the ability to withstand long periods of idling more efficiently. It as low exhaust emission levels, enabling it to meet federal air pollution standards without a catalytic converter, GMC points out. Bore is 4.06 in., stroke 3.39 in. and compression ratio is 22 to 1. It is a naturally aspirated, four cycle engine with the four cycles being similar to those of a gasoline engine. The combustion chamber design includes a combustion pre-chamber where fuel ignition begins before spreading to the piston area, providing a quieter running, more economical engine with less exhaust smoke than a conventional diesel engine with an open chamber design. The design also includes glow plugs extending into each pre-chamber. The ignition system activates the glow plugs and, after a brief wait, the engine can be started. Glow plugs stay activated until the engine reaches normal operating temperature.
  In addition to the engine, the “diesel package” includes an engine oil cooler, thermostatic fan drive, dual exhaust system, two 4000-watt heavy duty batteries connected in parallel for starting a 63 ampere Delcotron alternator, engine block heater, hood and front and rear floor noise insulation, added spray deadener on cowl sides, power brakes, power steering, automatic transmission and a special instrument cluster.
  For price and other details, see your local Chevrolet dealer or contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Public Relations Dept., Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corp., General Motors Building, Detroit, Mich. 48202 (ph 313 556-5937).

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