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Automatic Door Opener For Silos
Latest new development in silos is this industry first – the Rochester Auto-Feed which eliminates having to change silo doors as the silo is unloaded. It automatically opens each door as the unloader indexes down the silo by itself.
  The revolutionary system, introduced by Rochester Silo, Rochester, Minn., uses two chutes – one for climbing up into the silo and one for silage discharge. Automatic doors on the discharge chute measure 22 in. long and 10 in. wide, and are spaced 2.5 ft. apart. They do not open until the Auto-Feed’s torque arm drops down and activates a lever which, in turn, sets off a door-opening device. The doors are always closed below the silage level to prevent spoilage.
  “If it becomes necessary to work on the unloader, the operator simply goes up the Jumbo 40-in. climbing chute,” explains Gerald Price, sales manager. “This porting chute is equipped with conventional doors and can also be used to discharge silage, such as for filling a truck, or feeding a separate lot of cattle not served by the silage discharge chute.”
  Doors in the silage discharge chute open automatically but have to be closed manually before refilling the structure. A ladder inside the chute is provided for this door-closing operation.
  Most makes of top unloaders can easily be fitted with a torque arm to work in conjunction with the Auto-Feed system’s automatic doors. The system, said to offer top unloading dependability with bottom unloading convenience, is available in new structures from 12 by 20 ft. up to 24 by 80 ft.
  For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rochester Silo, Inc., Hiway 63 North, Rochester, Minn. 55901 (ph 507 288-8211).

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