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One Motor Does It All
Regardless of how big or how small your farming operation, you’ll be interested in a first-of-its-kind hydraulic “power package” introduced by the McMillen Division of Sates Engineering Corp., Fort Wayne, Ind.
  With this new concept in harnessing hydraulic power, you buy as much capacity as you need to fit your farming or ranching operation. The power system drives three different attachments – a posthole digger, a post driver and a portable cement mixer called the Rotamixer that discharges itself, eliminating the need for manual tilting or dumping. When the drum rotates in a clockwise direction, the Rotamixer mixes. Operated counterclockwise, it discharges the full load. Specially-designed spiral flighting inside the drum permits the Rotamixer to discharge just like a ready-mix truck into forms, wheel-barrows, or whatever.
  You first buy the hydraulic powerhead which comes in three sizes, ranging in cost form $522 to $746. The cement mixer (Rotamixer) and post driver (Rotadriver) attachments will operate satisfactorily with any of the three motors. Consequently, motor size is determined by how big an auger you want in buying the post hole digger (Rotadigger) attachment.
  The smallest drive motor (model 3000-P) is rated at 3000 inch lbs. of torque and will handle an auger 4 to 9 in. in diam. The next size motor (model 4800-P) handles an auger 4 to 15 in. in dia., and the largest drive motor (model 8000-P) handles up to a 36 in. dia. auger. All motors feature reversible rotation, with infinite speeds up to 120 rpm in either direction. If they auger strikes a rock or other obstruction, an “auto-stop” feature prevents damage to the hydraulic motor.
  You can hang the drive motor and any of the three attachments on the front end of a tractor loader, or a utility loader, or you can buy them with 3-pt. hitches for rear tractor mounting. They’ll fit most tractors with 3 to 20 gal. hydraulic capacity, depending on size of drive motor purchased.
  Once you’ve invested in a drive motor, individual attachments are relatively inexpensive since the one hydraulic motor is used interchangeable to drive them.
  Suppose, for example, you wanted to buy the Rotomixer with 3-pt. hitch. You’d need the drive motor ($522 for the smallest one), and A-frame assembly ($70), an adjustable upper hitch link ($84), two flow controls ($34 each) and the mixing drum ($513). To add the Rotodriver, you’d need only to buy the post driver assembly ($832) and a mounting beam ($78). To add the digger, you’d need only the auger, a boom assembly ($104) and a swivel ($33.50).
  Or, suppose you wanted to buy the various attachments for use with your tractor-mounted loader rather than with 3-pt. hitch assemblies. In this case, you’d need a universal mounting bracket ($356) that works interchangeably with all three attachments.
  Maximum steel or wood post length handled by the Rotodriver is up to 10 ft. Impact force is adjustable in a range up to 257 lbs. The unit quickly adjusts to plumb for hillside work. For added versatility, an attachment is available for breaking concrete.
  For more details on the complete system, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, McMillen Division, States Engineering Corp., 4419 Ardmore Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46809 (ph 219 747-6195).

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