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New Way To Save Pigs
A new nutritional program designed for 95% survival of all pigs farrowed is now being marketed by Triple F Feeds, Des Moines, Iowa.
  “We’ve demonstrated, both in laboratory and on-farm research, that we can achieve this goal,” Dr. Vernon Cockerill, developer of the program, told FARM SHOW. “The traditional approach in providing supplementary nutrition to the young pig has been to provide a milk replacer type product, but this has had a number of problems. What’s more, labor requirements for keeping fresh products in front of the pigs have been prohibitive.”
  Dr. Cockrell’s new approach consists of:
  PIG-45: A highly concentrated and highly digestible protein-energy diet that can fully maintain a pig from birth.
  PIG-95: A specially formulated supplement of vitamins, iron, trace minerals, energy and amino acids.
  Both products are supplied to pigs at birth with a liquid dispensing system which allows pigs to automatically consume what they need at the correct level.
  “Getting adequate nutrition into pigs under 14 days of age – nutrition they can handle with their undeveloped digestive systems – has been the unsolved problem up to the present. We’re confident that this new program overcomes problems of digestibility and availability to effectively increase the nutrient levels in a pig’s blood,” explains Dr. Cockrell.
  He describes Pig-45 as “an exceptionally high-energy diet with twice as much highly absorbable fat as an ordinary milk replacer. It’s a highly fortified amino acid balance equivalent to a 40% protein diet but with a crude protein level of only 30% to cut down on the problem of protein scours.”
  Pig-95, on the other hand, is described as a “vitamin-iron-trace mineral-energy-amino acid supplement that effectively supplies nutrients needed by the developing pig which rarely are available to him at sufficient levels naturally.”
  Pig-45 is packed in 25 lb. bags, and Pig-95 in 15 oz. plastic bags. Each product is mixed with water for feeding. You can feed “95” alone or simultaneously with (but not mixed with) “45”. The latter is designed to always be accompanied by “95”.
  Cost of the new concept will vary according to milking ability of the sow. In a test with 10 pig litters, average cost per pig for 10 days was 60 cents for Pig-45, and 16 cents for Pig-95, according to Triple F.
  For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Triple “F” Feeds, 10104 Douglas Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 50322 (ph 515 276-5406).

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