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Automatic Cattle Sprayer
“Cattle rub against oilers, scratchers and dusters and similar devices because they’re probably already infected with parasites. Why not keep the parasites off before problems develop?” asks Louis Armstrong, sales manager for Culler Enterprises, Fort Scott, Kan.
  The firm’s new automatic cattle sprayer not only kills flies, ticks, horn flies, lice, grubs and mites, but also prevents them. It applies a fine mist spray of insecticide every time the cow or calf uses the mineral feeder. Another “shot” of spray can be applied to the head and face as the animal backs away from the feeder to protect against the face and horn fly. Coverage is complete, from fact to tail.
  “This system makes dust bags, scratchers and field fogging methods obsolete,” explains Armstrong. “What’s more, it works for range cattle or dairy herds and is virtually maintenance free.”
  Dosage is controlled by a solid state timing mechanism. The spray is generated by an electric fuel pump powered by a 12 volt battery. A fully charged battery will usually last from 3 to 6 months before recharging is required.
  Each of three models (steel, fiberglass or polyethylene) has a self-contained tank for the insecticide mixture. The unit rests on a rotating steel ball bearing base to insure that insecticide is always directed over the animal. This wind-directed feature also protects the mineral feeder from the elements, explains Armstrong.
  “The key is to make sure the unit is the only source of mineral and salt,” he points out. “We recommend that the feeder be run without the spraying device activated for about a week or two unit cattle get accustomed to going to it for minerals and salt.”  
  Capacity of the model 120 polyethylene feeder is 150 lbs. It holds 15 gal. of insecticide and sells fro $397. The fiberglass model ($449) holds 24 gal. of insecticide and 85-95 lbs. of mineral. Capacity of the all-steel unit ($499) is 100-120 lbs. of mineral and 30 gal. of insecticide.
  For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cullor Enterprises, Box 751, Fort Scott, Kan. 66701 (ph 316 223-5910 or 223-4255).

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