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Automatic Brooder Saves Orphan Pigs
“It’s fully automatic and feeds on a sow-like schedule with practically no labor for the operator,” says the manufacturer of Nurse-maid, billed as “a new concept in early weaning”. Problem pigs (oversized litters, runts, etc.) can be put into the brooder as soon as they’ve had colostrom milk. Key features include:
-Requires less floor space than a farrowing unit; can be installed in your present farrowing house, or in an adjacent utility room.
-An electric timer automatically controls feeding of the milk replacer, watering and flushing of the feeding equipment.
-Removable partitions permit separation of slow starters and injured pigs.
-Full, top-hinged lid provides easy access to entire Nurse-maid area.
-Clear shatterproof window permits interior view without any disruption of small pigs.
-Continuous heated air flow provides radiated heat on the brooder floor, as well as constant draft-free circulation of warmed fresh air.
-Requires only a water line and 110 V. to hook up. Costs only pennies a day to operate.
-Retails for #1,395.
  For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farmaid, Inc., Box 14542, Omaha, Neb. 68124.

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