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Multi-Seat Tractor Cab
Farmer’s who’ve seen it are sold on a prototype multi-seat tractor cab developed at Iowa Sate University, Ames.
    In an opinion poll conducted at the recent Iowa Farm Machinery Show, where a model of the new-style cab was displayed, 77% of approximately 120 show visitors surveyed favored the idea of extra seating capacity in tractor cabs, and many added that they felt the same about combine cabs. Most agreed that enough extra room for a simple, fold-down seat would be satisfactory, and that they’d be willing to pay extra for the added feature. The average of all cost figures given as to how much extra they’d be willing to pay was $485.
    Reasons farmers gave for wanting the extra seat included:
…”So I can talk to my children and teach them how to farm.”
…”So my wife can drive the tractor while I eat lunch and visit with her.”
…”So I can ride along to instruct new drivers on how to operate unfamiliar equipment.”
…”To conduct business with salesmen while plowing the back forty.”
    The prototype multi-passenger cab was designed and built by Agricultural Engineering students enrolled in a Senior Design course. Their idea: “If people are going to be passengers on tractors and combines, let’s give them a safe place to sit.”
    Starting with a conventional cab donated by Allis Chalmers, the students, under the direction of instructor Dr. We Buchele, came up with a prototype which features:
-Safe transport for two or more people.
-Low noise level.
-Doors on either side for easy exit and entry.
-Good, all-around vision.
-The gear and hydraulic control console inside the cab pivots with the driver’s seat. A second set of controls outside the cab throttles and stops the engine.
-It also has hydraulic and pto controls outside the cab.
    Here are key “messages to manufacturers” reflected in farmer reaction to the prototype cab.
-Nine of 10 farmers said they would buy a tractor equipped with a multi-seat cab, with 85% saying one extra fold-down seat would be sufficient.
-About 9 out of 10 farmers preferred an access door on both sides of the cab.
-About 8 out of 10 preferred being able to stop the tractor with a switch located outside the cab, and 9 out of 10 wanted outside hydraulic control levers.
    There was a solid support for being able to disengage the pto-shaft with a lever located outside the cab, and for an outside throttle control, light switch and brake control.

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