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"Dog Decoy" Chases Geese, Deer Away
If you’ve got geese or deer problems, you’ll be interested in this new Dog Decoy, a weather resistant plastic dog silhouette that bobs up and down and from side to side in the wind.
    The Dog Decoy measures 24 in. high and 34 in. long from nose to tail. It comes with an industrial strength steel spring that mounts on a short wooden dowel stake. Even a slight breeze will cause the dog to move and make it appear real and a threat to geese and deer. They won’t come back as long as the dog silhouette is in place, says the company.
    To install, pound the stake into the ground and set the spring onto the stake. The dog’s feet should be 1 to 2 in. above the grass to allow the dog to move freely in the wind.
    According to the company, dogs are the number one predator of geese. Unlike dogs, coyotes will only chase geese if they’re hungry and aren’t consistent predators to geese like dogs are.
    The dog decoy should be periodically moved to different areas so geese don’t get used to them.
    A wooden base is available if you want to put the Dog Decoy in an area where you can’t pound a stake into the ground. The base measures 13 in. long by 9 in. wide and 4 in. high.
    If you have a pond, pool or water area, a minimum of 3 decoys will be needed to keep geese away. The company says a single decoy works best in a small area with no water.
    A single Dog Decoy sells for $59.95 plus S&H. A pack of 3 Dog Decoys sells for $137.50 plus S&H. A pack of 5 Dog Decoys sells for $250 plus S&H; the online special price is $229.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Watch Dog Goose Patrol, P.O. Box 131863, Roseville, Minn. 55113 (ph 651 340-7512; contactus@watchdoggoosepatrol.com; www.watchdoggoosepatrol.com).

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