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Business Is Booming For Diesel Parts Supplier
Matt Graves says there are two groups of people who own 6.0L Ford Powerstroke engines. “One group has experienced problems already and the other group will have problems in the future. We’re here to serve both of them with a wide range of replacement parts, even complete turnkey new engines in a crate.”
  Graves works for Performance Machine and Manufacturing, a Tennessee company formed in late 2010 and already experiencing amazing growth. A diesel mechanic who discovered problems in his own Powerstroke started the company. “One of his solutions was to upgrade the EGR, add ARP head studs, and improved head gaskets. The modifications worked so well that we started making some of the parts and putting together Total Solution Kits,” Graves says. Now the company has a 200,000 sq. ft. facility in Tennessee and 6 distribution centers in other parts of the U.S.
  “One side of our business does re-works right here at our facility,” Graves says. “When people are towing and the exhaust pressure and temperature rise, that’s when the EGR system will break. They’ll get a check engine light, and if they don’t fix it, the head gasket will blow and white smoke will pour out the back.”
  Graves says the company has a dozen trucks in their lot all the time waiting to be worked on. They also sell parts online through the company website.
  “Anyone who knows about diesel performance has heard of the problematic EGR system in 6.0L Ford Powerstroke engines,” Graves says. “We offer a complete kit designed by diesel guys for diesel guys, with all the parts needed to completely replace the factory EGR system, head gasket and head studs. It provides improved engine reliability, improved fuel mileage, lower EGT’s and improved horsepower.”
  Kits are available for the 2003 through 2007 6.0L Ford diesel and the 6.4L 2008 to 2010, including the F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, Econoline and Excursion vehicles. Complete kits include the top plate, base plate, coolant re-route pipe, the high flowing mandrel bent exhaust up-pipe, mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions. Graves says, “Experienced diesel mechanics can install this kit without any problems. If questions do come up, our tech help line is available to help.” Complete solutions for a 6.0L Ford start at $1,049.99.
  Performance Machine also produces an upgraded EGR Delete kit. It replaces the factory EGR cooler, which has small tubes inside that are prone to break. This causes coolant and exhaust to mix and eventually damages the engine. Graves says, “Performance Machine makes coolers that are more reliable and maintenance-free. Our design uses T304 stainless steel tubing and billet aluminum block off plates to replace the failure-prone design used in most OEM EGR systems.” The EGR delete kit is $209.95 and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  The company also supplies a coolant filtration kit for 6.0L Powerstrokes. “The factory engine blocks have residual sand in the casting that can make its way into critical engine components,” Graves says. “Our coolant filtration kit helps keep the coolant clean and free of debris.” The kit comes with a billet aluminum filter housing and a new radiator return line made of silicone. It has the coolant filter line tied directly into it and is joined together with brass ferrules, which eliminate the need for hose clamps. Performance also supplies a short section of 3/4-in. heater hose so the existing heater supply hose doesn’t have to be modified. The retail price is $139.95.   
  “We know what the market needs because our team is in the market,” Graves says. “People around here work these trucks hard pulling horse trailers, hay wagons – real heavy stuff. We have all makes of diesel trucks pull into our lot every day. Our replacement engines are about half the cost of an OEM and with these improved parts on them there’s no reason they shouldn’t run for a million miles, just like over the road semi-tractors.” 6.0L Powerstroke crate engines start at $4,495.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Matt Graves, Performance Machine and Manufacturing, 5890 Industrial Park Dr., Lenoir City, Tenn. 37771 (ph 877 408-3256; www.performancemachinemfg.com).

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