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Boot Inserts For Tractor Tires
David McRae, Whitehall, Wis.: “I wanted a way to extend the use of hard-to-find tractor tires once they developed breaks in the sidewall. So I made boot inserts out of 10-in. smooth triple-ply belting. I bevel the edge of the cut. Then I bolt the insert over the break using 1 1/2-in. long, 1/4-in. carriage bolts on the inside of the tire, putting the beveled edge against the tire wall.
  “If the bevel isn’t smooth enough and seems like it might wear through the tube, I cut a piece of discarded inner tube that’s 2 in. bigger than the boot and bolt it over the top of it. I use a grinder to cut excess bolt threads off to within 1/8 in. of the nut on the outside of the tire. Then I use a ball peen hammer to pound the end of the threads to keep the nut from coming off.
  If I have a tire with a damaged bead, I line the wheel rim with rubber from another inner tube. It protects the good tube inside the tire from breaks in the bead that could easily wear a hole in the tube. Also, I put an oversize tube in the tire so if it ever gets punctured and has to be patched, the patch doesn’t have to expand too far.”

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