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Brush Cutter Mounts On Loader Frame
I can mow more brush and vines in two hours with this machine than I could cutting by hand for two weeks, says Bill Combs, Roseland, Fla. Combs built a side cutter using part of an old Bush Hog mower and the motor from a pressure washer. He has it mounted on front of his Case loader tractor. With this simple homebuilt setup he can cut brush and vines in a 28-in. wide swath up to 12 ft. high.
  I got the idea to build this rig after watching the highway department cut brush on the side of the road, says Combs. Their mowers had hydraulic lifts so they could mow at an angle. I figured I could build something similar for the front of my loader tractor.
  Combs used a metal torch to cut a 1-blade section out of an old 3-blade pull behind mower deck. He attached that section of deck to angle iron braces and bolted it upright on a wood pallet. Then he mounted an 11 hp motor from a pressure washer on the opposite side of the pallet. The motor belt-drives the cutting blade. Combs built a metal shield across the top to keep brush and debris from flying back on the motor and toward him when hes mowing.
  The cutter is real simple and it works great, says Combs. It makes short work of cutting vines and trees up to an inch in diameter.
  Combs secures the pallet mower to his 580 Case tractor loader with chains and tightens it in place with turnbuckles. I make sure the pallet is on there real tight because Im cutting through a lot of brush from ground level up to several feet in the air, Combs says.
  He uses the loader tilt cylinders to keep the mower blade vertical and the motor level as hes cutting. The motor has to be level or close to level so its always lubricated, Combs says.
  I start on the ground and can cut almost 12 ft. high with this setup, says Combs. Its easy to see what Im cutting from the tractor seat and its way easier than cutting brush and vines by hand.
  Combs said it only took him a couple days to build the brush cutter that hes used for two years without any problems. It doesnt cut hardwood trees very well, so I stay away from them. However it sure makes short work of cutting vines and small pepper trees.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, William Combs, P.O. Box 296, Roseland, Fla. 32957 (ph 772 664-2342; georgia.combs@live.com).

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