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Simple Walnut Huller And Cracker
Larry Palmby, Dover, Minn., built a walnut huller by mounting a wheel hub and tire on a metal frame.
   The tire is shaft-driven by an orbit motor. Walnuts are fed into a metal hopper and drop down between the tire and a length of channel iron. The de-hulled walnuts fall into a pail.
  It really works good and its fast I can dump a 5-gal. pail of nuts into the hopper and in less than 1 minute, 90 percent of the nuts will be out of their husks, says Palmby.
  I rotate the wheel at 16 rpms. By loosening a double-nutted bolt I can vary the gap between the tire and channel iron, according to the size of the walnuts.
  He dumps the cracked walnuts onto a homemade 4 by 5-ft. sorting table to be hand sorted. The de-hulled nuts go down one hole into a pail and the hulls go into another hole. When the nuts are dry, he cracks them using a homemade cracker. It consists of a metal frame with a 10-in. long bolt that has a 4-bladed knife screwed onto the bottom of it. To crack, Palmby sets the nut under the knife and then hits the top of the bolt with a hammer.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry Palmby, 607 County Road 10 S.E., Dover, Minn. 55929 (ph 507 273-4206).

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