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Easy Way To Reduce Electric Bill
You can reduce your summertime electric bill by as much as 20 percent with this do-it-yourself AC mister developed by inventor Virgil Johnson of River Falls, Wis.
  The idea is to keep the air conditioner’s fins wet so it cools better. “My method uses rain water so it’s mineral free, and there’s no cost for the water,” he says. “And with no mineral deposits, I don’t have to worry about buildup on the fins.”
  He sets up a rain barrel to catch water (275-gal. chemical totes work well) and installs a small 12-volt pump unit. A current switch mounts on the air conditioner. The AC power lead goes through the current switch, which activates the pump, sending water to a wand aimed at the AC fins.
  The system is like an evaporative cooling tower and reduces kilowatt usage by 250 watts per hour or more.
  “I have an old 1970’s air conditioner, and with the mister it costs $40 or less to cool my house per month,” Johnson says. In addition, he saves electricity by not having to run a dehumidifier.
  Johnson is an industrial mechanic. He experimented with a variety of misters, pump filters and components to get the most efficiency. He sells detailed plans that can be downloaded through Gizmo Plans for $4.99 (www.gizmoplans.com). He also sells a CD on eBay for $10. Johnson says he’s also available to answer questions.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Virgil Johnson, 218 South Falls, River Falls, Wis. 54022 (ph 715 425-8473; www.gizmoplans.com/air-conditioner-mister).

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