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"Belted" Bale Wagon Easy On Wrapped Bales
“The first year we made round bales my wife and I picked them up with a loader and a gooseneck trailer. It took us 4 hrs. to haul about 110 bales and I knew there had to be a better way,” says Jack Rennie, a cattle producer and metal fabrication shop owner in B.C., Canada. “I sketched out the idea for a bale wagon that night and we built it in our shop. After 3 years of testing, re-working and finally getting our patents, we’ve got a machine that really works well.”
  Rennie’s automatic bale wagon loads, hauls, unloads and stacks plastic or twine-wrapped round bales in half the time it takes handling them individually. “I can pick up 12 wrapped bales in less than 10 min., and have them unloaded and stacked in 5 min.,” Rennie says.
  Rennie’s machine can handle plastic-wrapped round bales without puncturing the bag. His machine design includes arms that cradle and squeeze the bale, then lift them up and place them on a platform with a movable belt. The bales are never touched by sharp metal edges or a moving chain.
  Rennie’s Round Bale Wagon carries 10, 5-ft. wide bales or 12, 4-ft. wide bales at a time. The machine has a sturdy high carbon frame to support heavy balage. Excellent flotation is provided by four 31-in. by 13.5-15 high-flotation tires mounted on walking beam axles. The overall machine width is 10 ft. 6 in. and length including the tongue is 32 ft.
  Bales are lifted and loaded onto the wagon as it’s pulled through the field by a tractor. The bale cradle can be adjusted hydraulically from 38 in. to 62 in. and the length can be manually adjusted from 48 in. to 60 in.
  “One person can easily load bales on the wagon, haul the load to a storage site, and unload them in a closely packed stack without leaving the tractor seat,” Rennie says. “This automatic loading and unloading lets a farmer handle bales twice as fast as he would with a conventional loader, placing them on a trailer one by one. It’s a convenient, efficient and cost effective way to move a lot of plastic-wrapped bales quickly.”
  Rennie said he worked with his machine three years before settling on his patented design. The Round Bale Wagon is priced at $50,000 Canadian and available from Rennie Equipment. The company hopes to establish a dealer network in the coming months.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jack Rennie, Rennie Equipment Inc., 1431 Dyffryn Rd., P.O. Box 788, Lumby, B.C., Canada V0E 2G0 (ph 250 547-6399; www.renniequipment.com).

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