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Wave Power That Works
Millions of research dollars have been spent on on attempts to find a way to harness the power of ocean waves and tides. British inventor Alvin Smith says everyone else has been going about it the wrong way, creating undersea generators direct-driven by waves and tide power. The problem is that seawater and electricity donít mix well and saltwater is very corrosive, so most underwater generators have been very expensive to manufacture and maintain. Smith says his new system consists of underwater pumps that propel sea water to onshore turbines. The ďseamillsĒ consist of a buoy on the surface of the water thatís attached to a double-acting piston that moves up and down with the waves and tide, driving an underwater piston pump. Itís simple and easy to service if anything ever goes wrong. Smith is slated to have seamills on the market by 2014.

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