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Breeding Flies To Feed The World
A South African company says the lowly housefly can be bred by the billions to provide a high-quality source of protein.
  Working in conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch, AgriProtein Technologies has set up a “mid-scale” fly farm near Cape Town with an output of two tons per week of protein. The idea is to set up dense populations of flies inside buildings and let them feed off waste products from meat processing plants and other similar sources. Two large-scale plants are on the drawing board, one in Germany and the other in South Africa. The company says the protein produced contains 9 essential amino acids with levels similar or even higher than marine fishmeal, which has been escalating in value as fisheries in some parts of the ocean have become less productive. You can read more at www.Agriprotein.com. You can also check out a book with more details about the idea called “The Story Of The Fly And How It Could Save The World” (available at Amazon.com).

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