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Air Pressure Control System Boosts Off-Road Traction
“The mobility and flotation we gain with this system is just amazing. It allows our tandem axle semi to outperform straight trucks during sugar beet harvest,” says Jason Nelson, a North Dakota farmer describing his experience with the TIREBOSS™ Tire Pressure Control System. Nelson says the TIREBOSS improves his harvest productivity, reducing mud buildup between dual tires and allowing him to complete harvest sooner, even in tough harvesting conditions.
  Sugar beet farmers Tom and Mark Kennelly say their semi tractor equipped with TIREBOSS can haul almost 50 percent more beets per load than their tri-axle truck. Over the course of a 12-hr. day, that’s almost 90 tons more, saving fuel, reducing harvest time, and basically eliminating the need for a pull tractor in the field.
  The TIREBOSS is a computerized system that allows the driver to inflate and deflate tires while the vehicle is in motion. Air control valves and wheel-end hardware allow for air to be transferred in or out of the tires as needed, matching tire pressures to vehicle loads, speeds and driving conditions. They are used extensively on both semi and straight truck configurations.
  When a truck is driving on soft fields loading sugar beets, sweet corn, silage, potatoes or hauling manure, the drive tires on the semi-tractor are deflated to provide added traction. Deflating the tires dramatically elongates the tire footprint, reducing ground pressure, reducing rutting and gaining traction and flotation. When the truck is back on a hard surface road, tires are inflated to the appropriate pressure providing a smoother ride, extended tire life and better mileage.
  Les Hinz, co-owner of TPC International, the manufacturer of TIREBOSS, says the reliability and durability of the system has been proven in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, forestry, oilfields, power utilities and construction markets around the world. “What it has done for productivity gains and cost savings for thousands of customers has been really incredible. It’s one of those products that once it’s put into operation the customers ask themselves how they operated so many years without it,” Hinz says. “It has had a profound impact on the bottom line for farms, providing huge efficiencies because they can more easily use semi tractors and trailers in the field.”
  The TIREBOSS can be used on any type of semi or large straight truck and is easily transferred from one vehicle to another if a truck is sold. The system runs on either 12 or 24 volts and interfaces with remote data loggers. The cab monitor/control box is operator friendly and the display can be programmed in different languages. Optional equipment includes heaters for cold weather operation, a load sensing kit for air suspension trucks, an external alarm for picker or crane truck operation and hub protective discs used with rough service applications.
  A typical system costs $7,000 to $8,000 and is available throughout the U.S. and Canada by contacting TPC.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Les Hinz, Tireboss, 15803 – 121A Ave., Edmonton, Alta., Canada T5V 1B1 (ph 888 338-3587; www.tireboss.com).

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