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High Trash Double Disc Openers For Drills
"Our new offset add-on openers can be used to convert existing grain drills so they'll be able to handle more trash," says Tom Laubach, Drill Disc Supply, Canton, Okla.
The company's unique double disc openers have two different size blades - a big 15-in. blade that runs straight in line with the drill to penetrate trash and tractor tracks, and a smaller 13 1/2-in. blade that runs at an angle about 2 in. back.
"The big disc cuts through trash and the small blade creates a slot for the seed," says Laubach. "The back disc is angled just enough to open the furrow. Other double disc drills run their discs in a `V' configuration which separates loose trash but doesn't cut it. Our straight-up-and-down 15-in. disc has much more cutting ability. It's a cornmon Deere planter blade. The 13 1/2-in. disc is the same one used on Great Plains drills except that we reverse the blade so the wide bevel rides against the big blade to reduce wear. The double disc opener mounting bracket comes with a seed tube in front and a fertilizer tube at rear. The seed tube is positioned in front so it won't plug up with mud that falls off the rotating discs."
Optional press wheel depth control brackets can be bolted onto the disc opener mounting brackets. A spike trash guard mounts in front of the openers.
The openers fit all Deere and International drills and sell for $85 without press wheels, $105 with press wheel brackets (using your own press wheels), and $125 with press wheels and brackets.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Drill Disc Supply, 3 Miles South - Hwy. 58, Canton, Okla. 73724 (ph 800 633-7183 or 405 886-2259).

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