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Crank-Type Chainsaw Sharpener
Just turn the crank on the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener, and the carbide cutter does the rest. Once in place, the body rides the bar as the operator pulls the chain through to quickly sharpen each tooth. Every tooth is sharpened to the same height, length and angle.

    “As a tooth slides into place, an adjustable stop or pawl slides over and behind it to hold it in position,” says Phil Krantz, Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener. “Just slip the cutter through the guide hole, and it will be held perpendicular to the bar. As you turn the crank on the carbide cutter, it produces a razor sharp edge on the tooth.”

    The body of the Timberline Sharpener has two guide holes to match left and right teeth. Krantz suggests doing only one angle at a time, as that doesn’t require completely withdrawing the carbide cutter for each tooth. Once one side is done, shift to the second side and complete the chain.

    FARM SHOW ordered a Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener and put it to the test with a well-worn chain. Before it was sharpened, the chain on my older Stihl 029 was so dull it took 30 sec. to crawl through a 10-in. green ash log.

    Setup was fast and easy. Once the aluminum cast body was in place and balanced on the bar, sharpening went quickly. Fine filings made it clear the carbide cutter was doing its job.

    After sharpening, cutting through that 10-in. ash log took just 10 sec.

    Although the guide holes are lined up to match the angles of the teeth in each pair, that was not always the case. At times one was perfectly in line and the other wasn’t, while the next pair would be fine.

    In talking to Krantz, he pointed out that if the chain had previously been sharpened, it might not have been sharpened evenly. Thus, one tooth might not line up as well if it was over-sharpened compared to its partner.

    “When teeth don’t line up as they should, I recommend users simply sharpen the one that does line up,” says Krantz. “After a few uses, the teeth will again match up.”

    Thanks to the guides on the Timberline Sharpener body, unequal sharpening on a chain being resharpened for the first time should not be possible.

    The universal body accepts multiple size carbide cutters to match different chainsaw chains. A set screw on the crank makes changing cutters easy.

    The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener comes with your choice of carbide cutter for $124.95. Additional carbide cutters are available for $20 each. Angles are set at a standard 30 degrees; however, more experienced users may prefer guides of 25 or 35 degrees. They are available for $12.

    To see how the sharpener works, visit www.farmshow.com.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener, 2300 N. Yellowstone, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401 (ph 208 405-2020; info@timberlinesharpener.com; www.timberlinesharpener.com).

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