2012 - Volume #36, Issue #5, Page #30
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Portable Deer Stand Made From Old Wagon

“It’s easy to use and lets me hunt anywhere I want,” says Gary Holland, Benton, Ky., about the 14-ft. high, trailer-mounted deer hunting stand he made that folds down to a 9-ft. height for transport.
  Holland mounted the deer hunting stand on the running gear off an old wagon. When arriving at the location he wants to hunt, he raises the deer stand by turning a 2 1/2-ft. dia. wheel that’s welded to a 2-in. dia. pipe equipped with a cable spool.
  “It also makes a great wildlife viewing spot,” says the Kentucky farmer. “I can move it wherever I want and stay warm and comfortable. The stand is fitted with indoor-outdoor carpet, a portable LP heater, and curtains that move out of the way for shooting. One advantage is that when deer hunting season is over I don’t have to tear anything down like I would with a commercial deer hunting stand.
  “It takes about two minutes to raise the stand up or fold it down. I use a ladder to access a door on the back side of the stand.”
  The 3 by 6-ft. metal deer stand is welded on top of a 6-ft. long, 6-in. dia. pipe. The bottom of the pipe hinges on a big bolt. In the raised position, the pipe is held secure by another big bolt that runs through the pipe and through a pair of channel irons on either side of the pipe. Holland built the back end of the deer stand to be heavier than the front end so that when it’s raised up, it’s more stable. Chains that run from the stand to the pipe are also used to hold it more securely in place.
  The pipe that supports the wheel is welded to a pair of vertical supports, which are welded to a length of 4-in. sq. tubing that’s welded to the wagon frame. A total of 6 pulleys are used to gear the wheel down between the wheel and pipe, making the wheel easy to turn.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gary Holland, 271 Granite Ln., Benton, Ky. 42025 (ph 270 527-8424).

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2012 - Volume #36, Issue #5