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Flatbed Wagon Converts To Belly Dump Wagon
Larry Fulton’s flatbed trailer converts quickly to a 4-sided, belly dump wagon. The custom-built rig was designed to be pulled by horses, a small tractor or even an ATV.
    Fulton designed the wagon so two side panels on the bed tip in toward the center, forming the sides of the belly-dump hopper. At the bottom, they rest on the wagon frame and two 9-in. sliding panels that the operator can open as desired. The front of the dump box is a fixed vertical panel behind the driver’s seat.
    The third flat panel at the rear of the bed is fixed in place. It serves as a platform for a wheelbarrow tipping into the dump box.
    “The customer I designed it for used a wheelbarrow to clean out box stalls,” explains Fulton. “He wanted to be able to wheel the manure up onto the bed and dump it.”
    The wagon’s mainframe is made with 2 and 3-in. pipes. The panels are all 1/2-in. plywood and framed with box tubing made from salvaged steel roadside-sign posts. Overall length is 10 1/2 ft. The wagon rides on 15-in. car wheels.
    “It would be easy to add brakes if desired,” says Fulton.
    The flatbed is 66 in. wide by 88 in. long. When the floor panels are flipped and the rear panel is in place, the belly dump is 56 in. wide at the top and 10 in. wide at the bottom, 60 in. long and 28 in. deep.
    The front ends of the panels are held in place with the aid of two 16-in. levers, one to each side. The levers are notched to slide up and over a bracket. One notch is for flatbed style, and one farther down on the lever and closer to the panel is for the belly dump style.
    “I pull pins at the rear, lift the flatbed notches off the brackets, and the panels pivot into belly dump position,” says Fulton. “It takes about a minute to convert.”
    Two 9-in. wide gates at the bottom of the belly dump box slide on 1 1/2-in. channel iron mounted to the wagon frame and are controlled by sucker rod handles, one on either side of the driver.
    Unfortunately, the customer had not checked with his boss before ordering the wagon. When she refused to pay, Fulton got the wagon back. He now has it for sale for $600.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry Fulton, 4504 E. 17th St., Cheyenne, Wyo. 82001 (ph 307 634-7042; lhfulton@msn.com).

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