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He Fits "Everything" Into Receiver Hitches
I get a lot of mileage out of receiver hitches, says cow-calf producer Dan Ambrose of Grandview, Idaho, who recently sent FARM SHOW photos of the home-built receiver hitch brackets he uses on everything from welding trailers to shop welding tables and 3-pt. hitches.
  The L-shaped metal brackets are designed to accept a standard receiver hitch. The height of each bracket can be adjusted by changing the position of a bolt.
  Theyre darned handy and allow me to use various tools interchangeably around my farm wherever I need them, says Ambrose. For example, I can take the same shop tools I use on my welding table and mount them on my welding trailer so I can work in the field on my corrals or wheel line irrigation system. Tools like my drill press, pipe vise, pipe bender and anvil can be used interchangeably.
  I dont spend a lot of money, either. I build the L-shaped brackets myself out of 2-in. sq. tubing, and I buy the receiver hitches cheap at junk yards.
  He welded 3 receiver hitch brackets onto the corners of his welding table and also welded 3 onto his welding trailer, one of which is used to hold a 100-lb. propane bottle that hooks up to an oxyacetylene torch. He made 2 brackets for a homemade 3-pt. hitch, using one to support a smaller propane tank that he uses with a flame burner to control weeds.
  One receiver hitch is welded onto the frame on front of his flatbed truck to accept a home-built tow bar that fits onto the ball of another receiver hitch. It allows me to tow the truck behind my pickup. I came up with the idea a few years ago when I bought hay from a neighbor. I used the pickup to tow the truck and trailer to his place and left them there overnight. The next morning I came back, hooked up to the loaded truck and trailer, and towed them home. Ive towed vehicles at speeds up to 55 mph with no problems.
  The home-built 3-pt. hitch has one receiver hitch welded on at the bottom and another on top. It lets me use a tractor to pick up my 5th wheel trailer and move it wherever I want, says Ambrose. I welded short metal tubes onto the sides of the 3-pt. where I store spare receiver hitch brackets. For example, if I need to move an implement that takes a pin hitch I can remove the ball and store the receiver hitch in one of the tubes.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dan Ambrose, 22219 River Rd., Grand View, Idaho 83624 (ph 208 834-2388 or cell 208 598-3498; pdugger@earthlink.net).

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