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Bale Shredder Throws Material 50 Feet
“Dairymen and cattle producers who need to bed livestock in large barns have a new tool for the job,” says Kara Burrell, marketing manager for Agromec Industries. Agromec recently introduced the Emily Bale Shredder, which has a powerful turbine and a patented walking floor to make short work of turning big round bales or big square bales into bedding. Burrell says, “the shredder can devour a 1,000 to 1,200-lb. bale in just a few minutes, churning the shredded material out through a swivel chute that pivots 260 degrees. The machine can be mounted on tele-handlers or big tractor loaders.
  “The machine has a patented walking floor that automatically feeds the bale into the turbine without plugging,” says Burrell. The table speed is synchronized with the turbine speed so the turbine blades can slice and shred the bale and not jam from infeeding too fast. When the bale is loaded on the shredder, the turbine is activated with a remote control in the cab. The turbine starts slowly and will reach its operating speed in 4 to 5 seconds. For safety reasons it’s impossible to activate the walking floor until the turbine has reached operating speed.
  Two hydraulic motors drive the walking floor and are integrated into the body of the machine. A separate hydraulic motor drives the turbine. There are no chains or belts to break or slip. Cutting teeth are bolted onto the turbine and can be replaced if needed. The powerful turbine will throw material up to 50 ft. to easily bed stalls in dairy loafing barns or beef finishing pens. A joystick in the cab that moves the dispensing chute from side-to-side and up or down, allows the operator to easily direct material flow to the desired area. A metal tube on the side of the machine indicates when it’s in level operating position for the best infeeding results. The machine also has retractable leg supports for extremely big bales and a rock trap at the base of the rotor.
  The shredder weighs about 2,700 lbs. and its center of gravity when loaded with a bale is about three feet in front of the mounting brackets. The suggested retail price is $26,000 to $30,000.   
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kara Burrell, Agromec Industries, RR2, Box 29, Brandon, Man., Canada R7A 5Y2 (ph 204 728-4609; www.agromecindustries.com).

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