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How To Grow Your Own Square Melons
It seems like every year there’s a news story about how the Japanese grow square watermelons because they take up less space in a refrigerator. This year we decided to look into how they do it.
  It turns out Japanese producers simply place growing watermelons inside tempered glass cases, and sell them for up to $125. But Do-it-yourselfer’s can make their own cases with six 8-in. squares of 3/8-in. plexiglass, four gate hinges, two hinged clasps, and flathead machine screws with hex nuts. If you use thinner plastic, beef up the corners with angle iron or aluminum angle.
  One square needs a 1-in. hole drilled in the center and a slit cut to one edge for the melon’s stem. Drill pilot holes and attach the hinges and clasps on the top and bottom squares with the machine screws/hex nuts. When the melon is small, slip it into the box and as it grows it will take the square shape.
  FARM SHOW readers may prefer a simpler option described in The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids, Volume 2.
  It suggests hanging a small melon (one that grows to 5 to 15 lbs.) into one of the holes in a rectangular cement block. When the melon is ripe and snugly fills the inside of the cement block hole, break the block and remove the melon.

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