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Trailer-Mounted Garbage Can Collects Shredded Leaves, Grass
“As a retired 82-year-old engineer, I enjoy designing and building things in my shop just about every day,” says Wes Cagle, Clear Lake, Iowa. He recently sent photos of a 3-wheeled trailer he attached to the discharge side of his Deere 318 riding mower.
  A 40-gal. plastic garbage can that lays on its side is used to collect grass and shredded tree leaves. A mesh-covered opening in the can, along with an opening in a bulkhead that hooks up to the mower’s discharge chute, allows air to escape as leaves and grass are blown into the can from the mower.
  “We have a large, hilly lot with a lot of oak trees and their leaves and acorns start falling early and continue for 3 or 4 months. I wanted to keep my yard looking nice and didn’t want the leaves to accumulate,” says Cagle.
  The trailer is held in place by 3 metal bars and rides on 6-in. dia. caster wheels, which allows it to float over uneven ground and to go forward and back. On the trailer frame he mounted a rigid bulkhead with 2 rectangular openings. The top opening is covered with 1/4-in. opening wire mesh. A curved metal chute connects the mower discharge with the lower opening.
  The garbage can lays on its side with the top against the bulkhead. The can is held in place by a hinged bracket at the rear of the trailer. A mesh-covered opening in the can, along with the top opening in the bulkhead, allows air to escape as shredded leaves and grass are blown into the can from the mower.
  The mower’s discharge chute and the entrance to the trailer chute are covered by Nulon-impregnated polyethylene fabric. The fabric is permanently attached to the trailer and is held tight around the discharge chute by a bungee cord. This provides a flexible cover that allows the mower to be raised and lowered while still guiding the airflow to the trailer.
  “To add lift and airflow from the mower I welded wing tips onto each end of the mower’s 3 blades. I was careful to make the wing tips and welds identical and symmetrical so the need to balance was minimal,” says Cagle.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wesley J. Cagle, 601 19th St. W., Clear Lake, Iowa 50428 (ph 641 357-7575).

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