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He Restored Rare 3-Wheel Vehicle
Since retirement almost 20 years ago my hobby has been restoring antique vehicles, ranging from large automobiles to small motor scooters. My major interest is in restoring rare and unusual vehicles, and I now have one that I can’t identify.
  This 3-wheel vehicle is unusual. First, the engine is mounted above the single front wheel. Second, there are 3 levers on the handlebars which control 3 separate belt drives, each with a different ratio.
  When I purchased this “thing” the owner could only tell me that he had bought it from a church farm. I assumed it was an agricultural vehicle, and I was sure I could find information on it. However, there are no markings or identifying tags, signs, or decals on the vehicle, other than some remains of a decal on the tailgate. I can only detect the letters “AG”, which I assume indiciated that it was an agricultural 3-wheeler. I estimate it to be at least 40 years old, and the engine shown in the photo has obviously been changed. (Sam Thomas, 7684 Blanchard Latex Road, Shreveport, La. ph 318 929-3293; friedathomas@cmaaccess.com)

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