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How To Use One Charger On All Batteries
Steve Konieczki devised a way to use his DeWalt 18-volt battery charger to charge any brand of battery. In fact, he’s already moved on to an improved second-generation version.

    It all started when the Wasilla, Alaska, resident found a good deal on a used Milwaukee worksite radio. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a battery charger.

    “I didn’t want to buy a $50 Milwaukee charger, but I had a worn-out DeWalt battery cable and a multi-volt DeWalt charger,” he says. He disassembled the battery and soldered three wires to the positive, negative and temperature sense terminals. He drilled a hole in the battery case for the cable to exit. The cable runs to a plug he made out of LPS steel putty, fitted with spade connectors that attach to the wires.

    To charge a battery, he simply slips on the plug and places the dummy battery in the DeWalt charger.

    “This could be adapted to any other brand battery and tool combination. You could even have multiple plugs coming from one dummy battery and eliminate the need for a dozen different chargers,” Konieczki says.

    The light on the DeWalt charger operates the same way to let you know when the battery is charged.

    Konieczki made two suggestions for others interested in making adapters for their chargers.

    “Don’t go too long on the wire,” he says, suggesting no more than a foot. Also, keep the plastic cap that comes with the battery to make a plug – instead of using putty.

    He notes that his setup works for batteries from 7.2 to 18 volts. He hasn’t used it for lithium batteries.

    But, Konieczki says he knows if he sees good deals on battery tools at garage sales and they don’t come with a charger, he can make them work. No matter what brand they are.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Konieczki, 2846 W. Discovery Loop, Wasilla, Alaska 99654 (ph 907 351-9055).

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