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Bin Defender Keeps Debris From Collecting On Grain Bin
Countyline Creations, Marshall, Minn. ph 507 626-0327; wayneseehusen@yahoo.com: “Our new Bin Defender is designed to keep debris from collecting on your grain bin where the vent meets the bin roof,” says Wayne Seehusen. “The vent tends to block debris from sliding down off the roof, and the debris that builds up can cause rust and eventually water will leak into the bin.
  “The Bin Defender consists of a UV-resistant, wedge-shaped piece of plastic that silicones in place just above the vent. It causes debris to slide off to both sides. Any debris that may catch will be washed away in the rain. The debris won’t sit there long enough to cause costly damage or require you to climb up and clean that area.
  “To install, you set the Bin Defender in place, then draw a line around it, apply the silicone, and stick the Bin Defender on it. We make it in multiple sizes from 10 to 22 in. wide or custom-build on request. The 10-in. sells for $9; 15-in for $22; and 22-in. for $48.”

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