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He Plumbed His Entire Shop With Compressed Air And Electrical Outlets
Merrill Smith, Deer Park, Wash.: ďI plumbed my entire shop with compressed air and electrical outlets every 12 to 15 ft. I use them to operate a big 10 hp, 3-phase air compressor equipped with a 200-gal. air tank that sets in back of the shop. I ran 2-in. dia., schedule 80 pvc pipe from the compressor up into the shopís ceiling. From there I dropped an air line on each side of my hoist, on each side of 4 bays, and on each side of the shopís big doors. As a result, Iím never more than 6 ft. away from being able to plug in air-operated tools, and I donít have air hoses strung all over the shop.
  ďAt the bottom of every air outlet I mounted a 1 1/2-ft. long straight pipe fitted with an end cap so water canít build up in the bottom of the main line and get pushed into my air tools. The pipe comes down the wall and forms a T, with the air outlet on one side of the T and the 1 1/2-ft. long pipe extending down from the other side allowing moisture to escape. The biggest killer of air tools is moisture, and this setup solves the problem.Ē

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