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A Clamp Connect Hydraulic Connectors On Front-End Loader
Robert McMahon, Knoxville, Tenn.: 的 was tired of having to break fittings to relieve hydraulic pressure when connecting the grapple on my front-end loader and backhoe attachment. So I made a clamp to connect the hydraulic connectors that are under pressure. Works on both standard and flat-faced connectors. U-shaped ends fit locking collar factory grooves on female hydraulic fittings. I made the ends using a hole saw and side grinder, welding them to a standard bar clamp.
  的 came up with a method to drill 1/2 in. or larger holes in steel pieces that I could not bring to my drill. I had previously had problems breaking large, expensive bits. Now I use bimetal hole saws in a hand drill. I first make a guide plate out of a scrap piece of plate steel with a hole drilled in it. Then I clamp or tack weld the plate where I want to drill the hole.
  的 recently had to drill 5/8-in. holes in the frame of a tractor to mount a backhoe. Removal of the frame members would have taken half a day. Instead I clamped a guide plate to the frame and cut the holes with a 1/2-in. pneumatic wrench (I remove the holesaw mandrell drill bit so I can drive it with an impact wrench). I had perfect holes cut in minutes. Sometimes I use the guide plate to enlarge a hole, or to enlarge worn holes in bucket teeth mounts. I use a liberal amount of cutting fluid when cutting with holesaws.

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