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Turning Wood Pallets Into Kindling
“It’s a low-cost way to get kindling for your woodstove of fireplace. All you need is an ordinary wood pallet, which you can usually find for free,” says Marc Olander, Tolland, Conn.
  His Pallet Kindling Creator holds cut-up pieces of pallet wood, making it easy to split them into kindling-size chunks with an axe. It consists of a 1 1/2-ft. long rectangular wooden box made from 2 by 4’s spaced about 1 in. apart and screwed to a plywood base. Rubber strips are screwed on top of both sides to keep them from getting dinged up while using the axe.
  To cut up the pallet, place it on a waist-level flat surface and use a chop saw or sawzall to cut off the cross members. Then turn the pallet upside down and repeat the process, which will leave you with 3 long pieces. Use an axe to split the cross members into small pieces for kindling. You can cut the long pieces into “pallet logs” and use them like firewood.
  “I use it all winter long. It’s a free source of both kindling and supplemental firewood, and I’m not wasting any wood,” says Olander. “I usually cut the long sections into thirds so I end up with 9 ‘pallet logs’ from each pallet.
  “I came up with the idea because I have a fireplace insert and heat my house all winter with supplemental heat and have to start the fire every day. I make my own firewood but I usually don’t have enough leftover kindling. Pallet wood is thin and really dry, so the fire gets started immediately when it’s used as kindling.”
  Not all pallets can be used to make kindling this way, says Olander. “You don’t want to use pallets that have been chemically treated or have oil, paint or any other toxic substance on them. Also, be sure to choose pieces that are free of knots and inspect for nails.”
  When you’re done making kindling you can use the Pallet Kindling Creator to store your axe, notes Olander.
  You can find the Pallet Kindling Creator for $25 plus S&H on eBay.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marc Olander, 44 Arnold Dr., Tolland, Conn. 06084 (ph 860 798-4962; marcolander@live.com).

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