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Thistle "Kicker" Pulls Out The Root
“It’ll take out the biggest thistles, root and all,” says John Solbach, Lawrence, Kan., about his homemade “thistle kicker”.
  It consists of a 9-in. curved metal blade, made from a light truck or car leaf spring, welded to a 1-in. dia. pipe handle. The back side of the blade edge is sharpened. You push down on an angle iron footrest to shove the blade into the ground next to the thistle.
  Start 1 to 2 in. from the plant and push the blade about 4 in. into the ground, then pull back on the handle until the blade bites into the thistle’s root and pops it out.
  “The curvature of the blade and sharpening the back side of the blade work together to catch the thistle’s conical root,” says Solbach. “It’ll work on any plant with a conical root.”
  He says it also works great as a transplant tool for small bare root trees. “I use the tool to uproot small saplings, and then to make a hole into which I can plant the tree.”
  He has also used the tool to put the tires back on a truck after getting the tire repaired. “I simply position the blade under the wheel hub and roll the tire over the blade. Then I push down on the handle to raise the tire until it’s level with the lug bolts. It’s much easier than wrestling with a tire by hand.”
  The tool can also be used to hold sheet rock up in place when you’re putting it on a wall off the floor.
  A local manufacturer has begun making the thistle kicker and it’s for sale at a local hardware store, as well as a grocery store. Two sizes are available. They sell for $70 (field size) and $60 (garden size) plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Greenbriar Farms, 1518 E. 250 Road, Lecompton, Kan. 66050 (ph 785 887-6300).

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