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Tow-Behind, Remote-Controlled Lawn Mower Deck
“It provides an economical way to reduce mowing time by nearly half when towed behind another mower. All operations of the pull-behind mower are controlled from the vehicle pulling it,” says Matt Schueller, Redwood Falls, Minn., about his variable-width, offset mower that’s designed to be pulled by a mower, 4-wheeler or utility tractor.
  He showed the vari-width mower at the recent Minnesota Inventors Congress, pulled behind a Badboy diesel riding mower equipped with a 35 hp Cat engine and a 72-in. deck. The mower is powered by a 29 hp engine and rides on large 26-in. high, 12-in. wide tires. An electric actuator operated by remote control is used to move the mower off to the side. The operator also uses the remote control to start the engine, raise and lower the deck, engage and disengage the blades, and adjust the throttle. By pulling 2 pins you can flip the hitch upside down and switch the mower to the opposite side.
  “It turns your riding mower, utility tractor or ATV into a commercial mower,” says Schueller. “Being able to remote control all functions of the pull-behind mower keeps the operator safely away from blades and results in less time getting on and off the tow vehicle to make adjustments.  
  “Because of the big engine and large tires, you can pull the mower at speeds up to 12 mph on a regular lawn. In most cases even large commercial mowers can’t mow that fast. The large tires also result in a better ride and cut quality. It leaves a nice finish cut in manicured lawns, and because the deck is 5 in. deep you can also use it as a brush cutter in tall, overgrown grass. It’s equipped with a large 11-gal. fuel tank which results in less stopping for fuel.
  “We came up with the idea because we were mowing 3 large yards and we help mow a local cemetery. When we looked at other mowers on the market, they weren’t built heavy enough and didn’t have the features we wanted. We feel that farmers with grass runways or just large yards and roadsides will find this mower economical.”
  Sells for $5,000 to $10,000 depending on options and size. Schueller says he can custom-build the mower to meet the customer’s needs.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Schueller Repair, 28234 County Hwy. 6, Redwood Falls, Minn. 56283 (ph 507 829-2592; melvinschueller@gmail.com).

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