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High-Tech Filter Pre-Cleans Cab Air
“Construction, mining, farm equipment and other heavy machinery all operate in extremely dusty conditions that are tough on cab air filters, not to mention the operator,” says Jeff Moredock of Sy-Klone, International. “Our company designed a compact high-tech filtration device that pre-cleans air and pressurizes the cab.”
  “Professional harvesters can’t believe the difference once they install this system on their cabs,” says Moredock. “They stay clean, cool and comfortable all day long. The system is better for the equipment, and definitely a healthier environment for the operator.”
  Dirty air is drawn into the system, spun around the outer wall of the unit and the larger debris particles are ejected. The filter is located at the calm center of the vortex where the air is clean. The spinning process removes particulates larger than 5 microns before the air is pushed through a .5 micron filter. A 5-micron dust particle is too small to be seen by a human without a magnifying glass.
  Moredock says the approach is simple. “It’s best not to put dirt on the filter in the first place. It’s a simple principle that’s the secret to Sy-Klone’s unique patented technology.”
The unit also provides positive pressure within the cab, pushing clean air out instead of pulling dust into the cab through cracks and small openings that every cab has. The included real-time electronic pressure monitor alerts the operator to loss of cab pressure due to an open door, or leaky seal, and tells when to change the filter. Moredock says the filter should be changed every 1,000 hrs. of run time.
  Sy-Klone tested the system on 6 machines in the extreme debris conditions of a landfill. After more than 4,500 hrs. of run time, three of the machines had exceeded 1,000 hrs. of use on the cab air filters, which was more than 30 times the normal life of a fresh air filter. The technology has been successfully used by many companies to achieve compliance with standards dealing with cab air quality and operator exposure limits. These standards are enforced by MSHA, OPA and the EPA, and in many cases the cost of installing the system is less than a single fine for non-compliance.
Moredock says, “The benefits extend to the most important aspects of the machine, the operator’s health and the health of cab electronic systems and HVAC, which are most sensitive to dirt load.”
Pricing is determined at the dealer level. Check the website for the location of a dealer.
Contact: FARM SHOW Follow up, Jeff Moredock, Sy-Klone International, P.O. Box 550859, Jacksonville, Fla. 32255 (ph 904 448-6563; www.sy-klone.com).

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