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Firewood-Cutting Rack
It speeds up the job and lets me make uniform length firewood, says Tom Lundgren about the firewood cutting rack he made for cutting small dia. logs and slabwood.
  The rack is made from 2 by 6s and 2 by 2s and can be made to any length. The 4-ft. uprights, made from 2 by 2s, slide into pockets to accommodate easy loading and unloading. The uprights are spaced to provide a uniform length of firewood.
  Its much more efficient than cutting each piece individually, says Lundgren. I made it in two 4-ft. long sections for easy handling by one person and for easy storage when Im done cutting wood. The big advantage to using a rack like this is when cutting small dia. logs or slabwood. Too much time is spent between cuts repositioning wood and moving from one cut to the next. This unit allows me to cut as much wood as I can fit between the uprights using only a few cuts, saving time and gas.
  Another benefit is that the wood isnt touching the ground. Each 4-ft. tall by 24-in. wide rack holds exactly a half cord of wood. The width of the rack is determined by the length of your saw blade minus 2 in. to account for the uprights. Lundgren spaced the uprights so that hes cutting 16-in. lengths of firewood.
  When loading the rack, first I roll in 2 big logs, then I put the stakes in and pile smaller logs on top, says Lundgren.
  It works fast I can cut a cord of wood in only about 30 min. In fact, I spend more time taking the cut wood out of the rack than I do cutting it. When Im done using it I remove the uprights and store the rack in my shed.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tom Lundgren, 12055 Topaz Lane S.E., Olalla, Wash. 98359 (ph 253 301-7107; olalla33@yahoo.com).

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