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Hand Milker An International Hit
Mike Henry made his first hand milker because his hands hurt from milking out a nanny goat. Today he makes them for people all over the world to milk goats, sheep and even cows.
  “I experimented with a brake bleeding kit and quart milk jars until I got it right,” says Henry. “Soon I could milk my goats faster with it than I could by hand. I ended up buying most of the brake bleeding kits in Alaska for parts.”
  As demand grew, Henry had a vacuum pump designed just for the milker. He has since sold the Henry Milker in all 50 states and 52 different countries. He recently set up a distributorship in Australia. His website offers more than 30 milking and goat-related products in addition to milkers.
  “We still sell our original one-teat milker but our two-teat milker has taken over most of the sales,” says Henry. “It’s designed for the home hobbyist. Quite a few people use it on goats and sheep, but a growing number use it on cows. It works especially well on miniature cows.”
  Each unit is equipped with large and small teat cups that so far have met every need. A canning jar-style cap with two ports for vacuum lines fits most quart, half gallon and gallon jars. A pressure relief valve and gauge reduces the potential for teat or udder damage. The FDA approved milk line transfers milk from the teat cup to the container for cleaner milk. All units come with cleaning brushes for the milk line.
  The one-teat milker is $129.99. The two-teat milker is $159.99. Shipping is extra. Henry offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100 percent money back guarantee.
  Henry participates in a lot of give-aways of product to 4-H and FFA chapters and sponsors goat shows around the U.S.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Red Fence Farm, 5501 N. Maverick Dr., Palmer, Alaska 99645 (ph 907 529-4496; mike@henrymilker.com; www.henrymilker.com)

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