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30-Ft. Flexible Spout Extension For Filling Grain Bags
Lloyd Garthus, Admiral, Sask., began making flexible spout extensions for combine unloading augers more than 15 years ago (Vol. 20, No. 2).
    “The problem is that when you’re unloading into a truck or wagon on-the-go on a windy day, you can lose a lot of grain because of the distance it has to drop from the end of the auger to the truck or wagon box. My spout extension remedies that problem by channeling grain into a smaller drop pattern,” he says.
    His original invention is a 4-section polyethylene drop tube extension that’s 4 ft. long. Today it’s available in 14, 18, 21, and 26-in. dia. sizes.
    He recently sent FARM SHOW photos of a 30-ft. long spout he made for a farmer last fall who uses it to load his grain bag filler. “It allows the farmer to fill his grain bagger with his auger and semi truck instead of having to use a smaller grain cart or tandem axle truck,” says Garthus. “He ran 150,000 bu. through it with no problems.”
    The system consists of four 4-ft. long sections that slide in and out of each other plus 20 sections of flexible spout that attach to the auger. One end of the spout attaches to any auger from 60 to 100 ft. plus long and 10 to 14 in. in dia. and the other end attaches to the hopper on top of the bagger.
    “Having this much length attached to the spout allows for 22 to 24 ft. of travel with the tractor and bagger, without having to stop and move the semi,” says Garthus.
    The 30-ft. spout sells for $1,600 to $1,800, depending on the diameter. Garthus says he’s looking for dealers.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd Garthus, P.O. Box 144, Admiral, Sask., Canada S0N 0B0 (ph 306 297-6323 or cell 306 297-7988; svensen@sasktel.net; www.svensentoboggan.com).

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