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Pack-Raised Guard Dogs Fight Harder
When contributing editor Jim Ruen was working on his story about spiked collars for livestock guard dogs (see page 4), he was intrigued to hear about a method used by Brenda Negri to raise guard dogs to make them capable of fighting off the increasing threats of wolves, mountain lions and packs of coyotes. The idea is to raise guard dogs in packs so they bond as a family. In the event of an attack, she has found that dogs raised this way will fight together to defend the livestock they’re protecting.
  At about 3 weeks of age, Negri takes pups out to the pastures where the mothers work with other guard dogs on a daily basis. There the pups quickly learn the importance of working as a team with other dogs and they bond with each other and with livestock. She says the best groups of guard dogs include dogs of different breeds, some of which are perimeter animals that circle the flock while others work at a distance, scouting for problem predators.
  Negri is an expert on many large breeds of guard dogs, which mostly originate in Europe. You can contact her at her ranch in Winnemucca, Nev., at 775 623-6292 or by email at lgdnevada@gmail.com. Her website is: www.lgdnevada.com.

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