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Swing-Down Cradle For Calves
"My swing-down calf cradle makes calf handling easier and safer for both the calf and the cattleman," says Robin Selte, Vermillion, Alberta, inventor of a new calf cradle that places the calf on its side, leaving both your hands free to work on her.
The calf cradle has one solid side and one open side that's placed against a fence. The bottom of the cradle is hinged. As the calf walks into the cradle you push the closed side in to lock the calf into the "catch" frame that holds it around the neck. Then you pull the closed cradle and calf down, resting it on a tire on the ground.
"Other calf cradles allow the calf to struggle because its feet are against the floor. The calf thinks he can get away so he struggles and makes a lot of noise, creating stress on both animal and operator," says Selte. "The Calf Cradle doesn't have a floor so the calf stays still. The cradle can be easily opened and closed by one person. There are no swinging parts for feet or fingers to snag on. The only moving parts are the two hinges which can be bolted to a pair of boards, or to a floor."
The steel cradle weighs about 100 lbs. It can be built with a right or left open side and is recommended for calves weighing from 100 to 500 lbs.
Sells for under $500.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robin Selte, Box 1708, Vermilion, Alberta, Canada T0B 4M0 (ph 403 745-2478).

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