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Old Refrigerator Sotres Welding Rods
Shane Myrick, Pleasonton, Kan.: “I use an old refrigerator to store all my welding rods. But instead of using a light bulb to keep the refrigerator dry, as most people do, I use an old piano dryer. It’s designed to keep moisture out of a piano so it stays in tune. It operates off a 110-volt outlet and consists of an adjustable-length aluminum rod with a heat element inside it.
  “The nice thing about the piano dryer is that its heater element won’t burn out like a light bulb will. I’ve used this same piano dryer in my refrigerator for 20 years. I’ve got a big investment in welding rods, but I don’t have to worry they’ll ever go bad due to moisture. I also use the refrigerator to keep sandpaper, and occasionally a big bag of peanuts in the shell.
  “When I bought a new welding machine for my truck I thought the channel iron frame the welder was mounted on was too weak, so I used 4-in. dia. aluminum boxing to build another frame around the original one. I bolted the boxing to existing holes in the channel iron frame and built sides up around it. The frame also holds a torch and protects the welder from dents. There’s a hook on top so I can pick the welder up and put it on another truck.”

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