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Repair To Damage Trailer Tongue Jack
Steve Nichols, Galesburg, Ill.: “I once damaged a trailer tongue jack when I forgot to crank it up and hit the pavement on a sloped driveway. I had to cut 3 in. off the end of the jack because it was bent out-of-round. Soon after, I discovered that this scrap piece of tubing fit perfectly over the grease caps on trailer hubs. Now, whenever I replace or reinstall a grease cap, I place this piece of tubing over it and drive the cap on by rapping on this ‘tool’. Saves denting and battering the caps.
  “One of the best tools I ever bought for my shop was an electronic labelmaker that I can use to label cans and storage bins with nails or bolts in them. I also label wrench sockets with their size so I can identify them more easily and put my name and phone number on most of my tools so that if I forget any of them at my customers’ homes, they can contact me. Probably the handiest use of all is using it to keep track of vehicle maintenance. I put a label on the radiator bulkhead telling what date or mileage I installed new brakes, ties, air filters, and such. And I put what size wrench is needed for the oil plug and how many quarts and what viscosity of oil the vehicle uses. Finally, I use it to put a label inside my windshield to record when the next oil change is needed.
  “I like the Fram oil filters that have black non-slip grip material on them but they cost considerably more than plain filters. I get the same advantage by using a small piece of self-adhesive non-slip material like is used on step treads. I stick a small piece of this onto the filter and then I can grip it easily to unscrew it.”

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