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They Outfit Pickups With Sleeper Cabs
As more and more over-the-road haulers downsize to pickups and flatbed trucks, thereís growing interest in adding sleeping berths to pickups that meet DOT regulations. Besides meeting logbook requirements at DOT weigh stations, the additions make traveling more convenient and save money on hotel bills.
  Regulations require that the bed must be 75 by 24-in., have a restraint to protect the sleeper while the vehicle is moving, have ventilation and protection from exhaust and fuel leaks, have two exits including one into the driverís area, and provide a way to communicate with the driver.
  Models range from economical to almost luxurious.
  Woodhouse (ph 888 859-7697; www.woodhouse.com) installs sleeper berths for $2,495 in the back of newer 1-ton Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford trucks with quad, crew and mega cabs at their Blaire, Neb., shop and at Danís Repair in Elkhart, Ind. In addition, they sell a self-install kit for $2,095 (plus shipping) that comes with a DVD that shows how to remove door panels, back seat and install the sleeper berth components in 4 to 6 hrs.
  Cowtown Sleepers (ph 817 293-9100; www.cowtownsleepers.com) of Fort Worth, Texas, removes the truckís back window to install an accordion boot to attach a sleeper unit. Prices for the commercial sleeper start at $3,350 (plus installation) for pickups, $4,350 for flatbeds, and they also offer units for Peterbilt trucks. Customers can also install their own units. Cowtown offers a variety of models that can be customized with 12-volt plug-ins and lights and seats when the space isnít used for sleeping. Cowtown offers models that can be adapted to fit over toolboxes and tanks as well as less expensive recreational models that donít meet commercial requirements.
  Roadmaster (ph 252 412-3980; www.roadmastertruck.com) sells installed commercial units starting at $9,695 for pickups. The 54 by 84-in. extension mounts on the truck, is grafted to the truckís frame, and painted to match the truck. The Grifton, N.C., company does conversions on new and used 3/4 to 2-ton trucks. The package includes exterior and interior lights, heavy-duty commercial fabric, carpeting and other features.

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