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Electronic Collar Helps Train Barking Dogs
An electronic collar that zaps dogs that bark when they shouldn't is catching on fast with dog owners whose animals make too much noise.
Problem dogs that won't stop barking on their own learn to keep silent after just a few days use of the collar. Thereafter, they'll keep quiet except in times of emergency, or when needed for watchdogging, says the manufacturer.
The water-tight electronic collar, developed by Tri-Tronics, Tucson, Ariz., fits around the dog's neck. An electronic detector is positioned over the dog's larynx. When the dog barks, he gets a mild electrical shock that can be set at different levels of intensity, depending on how bad the problem is. At worst, the shock is only a mild vibratory sensation that most dogs experience as uncomfortable, according to Dr. Daniel F. Tortora, a vet working with the company to develop training programs for use in conjunction with the training collar.
According to the company, some experts feel excessive barking is genetic, thus making "debarking" training extremely difficult. Other dogs with a strong attachment to their owners only bark when the owner is away. That's not a problem if you don't have close neighbors, but it can be disturbing to livestock on the farm.
The sophisticated electronics of the collar can be programmed for various training cycles when first in use on a dog. According to a kennel in New Jersey that has begun using the collar to run a "debarking" school, most dogs become calm, quiet, and relaxed after just 30 min. use with the collar. That training is reinforced over time in such a way that the dogs are still effective as watchdogs. A comprehensive training book is supplied with each collar.
The Tri-Tronics collar sells for $195. The company says that individuals who do not want to purchase a unit on their own may want to encourage their veterinarian, or local pet shop owner, to buy one to rent to customers.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tri-Tronics, 7060 E. 21st Street, P.O. Box 17660, Tucson, Ariz. 85371 (ph 602 747-1111).

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