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Steering Wheel Toy For Pigs
Old steering wheels make great toys for pigs, according to Mike Segeren, Charing Cross, Ontario, who bolts old steering wheels to chains and hangs them from the ceilings of his three finishing barns.
The steering wheels, one per pen, hang 1 1/2 to 2 ft. above the floor. Segeren makes two different types. A single chain model with one wheel and a double chain "teeter totter" model with two wheels.
"I've tried lots of different pig toys. Some of them don't work and the others wear out too fast," says Segeren, who started using steering wheels for toys six months ago. "They work better than anything on the market because they last longer and they stay out of the way. Four or five hogs at a time can play with them."
To make the single wheel model, Segeren runs a 3/16-in. dia. chain through the center of a steering wheel and inserts a 1 1/2-in. long, 1/4-in. dia. bolt through the chain. The wheel rests on top of the bolt. The chain hangs from the ceiling on a hook so that the steering wheel hangs 18 to 24 in. above the floor. The single chain model is suspended above the slats and near the gutter to keep pigs active at the back of the pen and to help keep the floor clean up front."
To make a double-wheeled toy, Segeren bolts a pair of chains to both ends of a 16-in. long flat bar. The bar hangs from the ceiling on a 2-ft. long piece of chain attached to the middle of the bar. A steering wheel hangs from each side of the bar and Segeren positions the bar over a pen partition so the wheels hang in separate pens. "The pigs can play with it from both pens, causing the steering wheels to move up and down like a teeter totter. The wheels are located near the feeders, keeping the remainder of the pen quieter."
According to Segeren, both solid and soft-covered steering wheels will work. "After pigs chew off the covers you're left with a steel ring and a chain for pigs to play with."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Segeren, RR 1, Charing Cross, Ontario, Canada N0P 1G0 (ph 519 676-5456 or 519 352-5858).

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