2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #117
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"Unroller" Turns Round Bales Into Small Square Bales
“We raise 250 acres of hay each year. We sell most of our own hay to horse owners who prefer small square bales. The problem is that we use round balers in the field because they’re so much faster and require less labor. That’s why we came up with this unroller,” says T. Whipple Simpson and his son, Henry of Cochran, Ga.
  “It lets us make small bales when we have more time. It’s the perfect solution for any hay producer who wants to bring in the crop fast but needs to supply his market with square bales,” he notes.
  Simpson made his original unroller using all salvaged parts from discarded equipment. It took several years to get the design right. Power is provided by the tractor hydraulics and the PTO. Other options include a diesel power unit with hydraulics or a 40hp electric motor with hydraulics.
  The unroller consist of four conveyor units that unroll the bale and then fluff up the hay or straw before feeding it into the baler.
  “It takes only five or six minutes from the time we load on a round bale until we’ve got the square bales on the truck. The great thing is that we can double the value of a big round bale by rebaling it. And we can do the work when we have time,” notes Simpson.
  He says all components on his unroller are standard off-the-shelf parts. You can use any commercial square baler with the unroller. It generally takes 3 people to run the unroller at full capacity. One person with a front-end loader puts bales onto the machine and cuts the twine off.
  A second person runs the hydraulic levers that control the unrolling operation. All functions are reversible or can be stopped instantly.
  The third person does all the stacking of square bales onto trucks or trailers. Simpson built and offers a conveyor to make this easy.
  Contact: T. Whipple Simpson, Simpco, Inc., 370 Whipple Simpson Rd., Cochran, Ga. 31014 (ph 478 934-7863; website: www.simpsonunroller.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12