2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #116
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Outdoor Furnace Improves Home Comfort And Eliminates Heating Costs!
When John Hanley built his 4,000 sq. ft. log home in a small Ohio township 18 years ago, he chose propane for heat and domestic hot water because it was an economical choice.

But, when propane prices increased and his annual fuel bill reached $6,000, he dropped the thermostat to 63 degrees F to manage his costs. His wife, however, suffered with severe arthritis and lowering the ambient temperature casued her discomfort.

He began looking for a more affordable home heating solution. His research led him to outdoor wood furnaces.

Today's outdoor wood furnaces also called wood boilers or wood-fired hydronic heaters are a clean, cost-effective alternative to the safety, mess and health concerns of indoor wood burning, while also providing a ready supply of domestic hot water.

The outdoor furnace heats water in an insulated water jacket surrounding the firebox. The heated water circulates through underground pipes to a forced-air furnace, boiler or radiant floor heating system that distributes even, adjustable and comfortable heat.

Hanley knew some townships placed restrictions on the installation of outdoor wood furnaces to address smoke emission issues. It was important for him to set a god example in his own community by choosing a unit that was EPA qualified. Central Boiler, an American-owned company in business since 1984, helped create the EPA Hydronic Heater Program. Their E-Classic was the first outdoor wood furnace meeting Phase 2 of the program.

Central Boiler's new E-Classic models use a three-stage gasification technology and a self-regulating, thermostatically controlled system that burns wood so completely that combustion efficiencies approach 100%. This means the owner burns less wood, with very little residual ash and virtually no smoke. By minimizing the emissions, this cleaner generation of outdoor furnaces is the optimum choice for people concerned with the environment.

Hanley chose an E-Classic to heat a 2,500 square foot barn/garage in addition to his home and hot water. Now, Hanley's wife keeps the ambient house temperature at 76 degrees F. "She's happy and she has endless hot water for her whirlpool bath," he says.

Company reliability was also a factor in his choice. "Central Boiler stands behind their products and this sort of warranty service is really important to me."

Finally, because he cuts his own wood, he has eliminated his home heating costs enabling him to redirect the money saved to their children's university educations.

For more information on EPA Phase 2 qualified outdoor wood furnaces from Central Boiler, or to find a local dealer in your area, visit the website at:

www.central boiler.com or call 800-248-4681.

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